• "Zeon Earth-Earthworks"
  • "xDrain-Drainage Networks Analysis and Design"
  • "xWater-Water reticulation"
  • "xSewer-Sewerage Networks Analysis and Design"
  • "uCivil - Quick Access Stormwater Management in Bricscad"
  • "Zeon Earth-Earthworks in Bricscad"
  • "xStorm-Urban stormwater MSMA" Come and try our ONE CLICK APPLICATION
  • "Sediment basin-Urban Stormwater MSMA"
  • "XSection-Enhancement cross section"

Our Core Products

Since 1994, we have built a range of products, i.e.commercial and non-commercial products. Civil engineering software such as Earthworks, Water supply, Drain and sewer network analysis and design, MSMA application. Structural engineering software are BS8110 beam design, BS8110 Two way slab design, STAAD Tank Modeler. Below are our products of the year 2018

ZeonBrics, ZeonEarth and BricsSection are 64bit system

This year 2018, we are going to release a list of our anticipate products. i.e. X series products, IntelliDrain, core MSMA Suite. Stay tune...


A comprehensive software package which cover ALL CHAPTERS of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition.

Our signature suite

X Series Apps

Our new X Series applications are completely re-write the applications to meet change of technology. State of art on latest technology.

The user interface has been uniform to has better user experience and friendly on operating the software.

Guidelines being supported are the MSMA 2nd edition, Singapore PUB guidline, SWMM, EPANET, SPAN, MS1288.

Zeon Apps

A range of ZEON products such as Zeon Earth, Zeon Brics and Zeon Viewer

We offer service on customization of product development

Third Parties Products

BricsCAD V19

Alternative CAD.

A CAD application comes with BIM-BricsCAD BIM. Now BIM feature with civil works -site modelling.

Please contact us for details


Others Products

Storm Apps

A range of Storm products such as xStorm, ZeonStorm, Rainwater Harvesting, Sediment Basin and Storm+


Cross section application which can import data from ZEON EARTH and HEC-RAS. Detailing enhancement on profile built.

uCivil Apps

uCivil is an application which run in CAD platform BricsCAD Pro V18. It is a quick access application that can help to compute important stormwater parameters such as time of concentration, channel time, catchment area, discharge, C run off coefficient etc.

It mainly use in computation of main drain design.

Guideline being supported is the MSMA 2nd edition and Singapore PUB guidline.


Cross section application which can uses the generate cross section in Bricscad version 15 or later

Surveyor and civil engineering CAD Utilities

CAD Utilities for Bricscad. It contains 73 module utilities. We are keep on adding new modules. One of utilities is it can import EXCEL file content by selected a range of cell.

STAAD Tank Modeler

STAAD Finite Element Tank modeler. It help to speed up to setup finite elment of RC tank. It can works up to pressure loading.


Books written by us.

Project Relation Management-PRM

A software which can manage your projects in daily.