ZeonEarth 6.0 is will follow ZeonEarth 5.0. A 3D earthworks softare for civil engineers. what ever features in ZeonEarth 5.0 will be remained in ZeonEarth 6.0

1st video gives you idea about our new ZeonEarth(3D Earthworks) 6.0 application(compatible)

2nd video a further in depth about our ZeonEarth(3D Earthworks) 6.0 application(compatible)

3rd video you must watch before you for understand what kind of project you can do in our ZeonEarth(3D Earthworks) 6.0 application(compatible)

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Zeon Applications

The simplicity of ZeonEarth makes a difference. Zeon is our latest invented 3D technology where it can produce 3D elements. First and almost is uses in our Earthworks application. And also it applied to our terrain viewer which named as Zeon Viewer.


  • CAD application such as Bricscad V22 or our own CAD engine
  • CAD drawing in dwg format

Zeon Earth 6.0 Basic Edition

Only Cut and fill earthworks with a 3D model

Now it is back by demand. Since ZeonEarth launched in the market, we have gathered a series of market users. We have encountered a strange fact that many users are interested in ONLY cut and fill volume. We are surprised about it. Remember, purely on cut and fill earthworks will not make your job complete, you will face the shortcoming when your other infra elements turn up. However, since it has a huge demand for cut-and-fill earthwork. After a couple of considerations on the item, we decided to release a compact edition of ZeonEarth. We named as ZeonEarth Basic Edition. This is the basic earthworks software which is purely targeted only for the cut and fill volume. It will not provide any other features as in our ZeonEarth full or SE edition. The compact edition can give you ONLY the need that you wanted. That is CUT and FILL volume. The concept of ZeonEarth is still the same. Only it just provides you with a cut-and-fill volume. Plus, a 3D model. One of the benefits will be the running time is cut short due to earthworks volume with no other computation involved. However, it will stay back as you need to model out the 3D model yourself by points. ZeonEarth basic will provide you with a basic profile when you want to have a profile in a 3D model. If you are interested in cut-and-fill volume only, the ZeonEarth basic edition will suit to you. You only paid for what you need. However, if you are wanting to have enriched features, then our ZeonEarth full or SE edition will suit you. That simple. Remember. Simplicity makes a difference. Contact us to find out more through email sales@civilstructural.com.my

Zeon Earth 6.0

Have you ever find that you are spending substaintial of time on the process of designing earthworks?
Imagine that if you have a chance to expidite this?
Do you want to do so?

3D Earthworks software which calculate cut and fill earth volumes. Earthworks methodology on 3D and grid method that provides user an alternative method of earthworks computation. It has additional feature of cross section plot which strongly supported by our xSection product. User can get ready an earhtworks design by TOMORROW

Zeon Storm

ZeonStorm is our best selling product which had been exist in our first commercial product in year 2006. Due to it popularity, it has been gone through many generation. Now it has comes to a point of simplicity especially in operating the pond design. For earlier day without computer, it is a tedious work but not difficult. A lot of iteration need to carry out. Therefore, it is a time-consuming works. Anyway, there are some detention pond software in market, but the special about our pond software is the simplicity. We had invented it into a state that user just need go to a "page" of data entries where everything is done over there. We don�t have any steps on model and design it. Not like other software, step 1 get rainfall, step 2 get inflow, step 3 setup pond, step 4 routing etc. Our ZeonStorm just do it in a page, all those steps have been automated by itself. User no need to worry from steps to steps. As result, we also called it as "One click application". All run can do it by a click of button. All iteration, important result, graphs will be presented accordingly. User just need to evaluate the result, change the data, rerun if required. Furthermore, our new reporting system will also help user on report presentation.

More info at ZeonStorm information

Hydrology and hdraulic analysis and design application.

Zeon Viewer-3D terrain viewer

3D Terrain in Bricscad. It can uses to view how a site looks alike. Is it highliy, valley, flat area etc. Beside, user can pick any direction for profiles to plot in 2D. These profiles can further plotted in CAD. Also the profiles' coordinates can be further exported to HEC-RAS, text file and excel file

Zeon Brics

Earthworks software which it can perform calculation for cut and fill volume. Based on simple workflow, user can just with few steps to obtain cut and fill volume.

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