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Zeon Viewer

It is an application which run in Bricscad V16 or V17. It can generate 3D terrain to view. It can use to study a site from surveyor data. It is usefull to provide initial information about a site. Whether it is a hilly area, flat area, valley area etc. This is info can use to present to client about how this site. It captures surveyor info which presented in CAD drawing. From CAD drawing, app can reads text entities in which there are number format. By reading these entities, app can generates a 3D terrain.


  • CAD drawing in dwg format. It must comes with surveyor data in text entities.


  • Fast and simple
  • Short learning curve. Within an hour, user can know how to operate the app.
  • 3D terrain generation.
  • Cross section/profile generation in any direction in CAD layout.
  • HEC-RAS cross section data export.
  • Cross section coordinates export to text or excel file.
  • Generate contour interval lines by given interval value.

Enquiries. Please email to zeonsupport@civilstructural.com.my ask for Zeon Viewer

Case Study on HEC-RAS

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