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Beginning BricsCAD® programming in 10 hours

C++, Autolisp, VBA, C# and VB.NET in CAD programmming. Having difficulty in programming in BricsCAD® especially on cuttting edge technology .NET. Here are the books where you can get a immediate help on startup. It contents important information for you to get started. Important items which you will need in coding in BricsCAD®. Things like configuration Visual Studio® to meet BricsCAD® environment. It is a startup for person who want to learn BricsCAD® programming in C# or VB.NET language:

It just one hour a day for get started.

Table Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Create first BricsCAD project Hello world
  • Chapter 3. Create command prompt module
  • Chapter 4. Palette creation
  • Chapter 5. Windows Form
  • Chapter 6. Save and Open issue
  • Chapter 7. Build layers
  • Chapter 8. SelectionSet
  • Chapter 9. Toolbars
  • Chapter 9. Toolbars
  • Chapter 10. Event issue

Source code is available

Available books

  • Beginning BricsCAD programming in C#-USD50.00/book
  • Beginning BricsCAD programming in VB-USD50.00/book

Pre order here for C# or VB.NET. Each cost USD50.00. Available from 1/4/16

  • Please email to sales@civilstructural.com.my

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