Technical Support Policy

This technical support policy for all C&S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd Software. ("CSSS" or "CSSS" or "our") products. CSSS will provide support services to the licensee regarding the supported products in accordance with the nature of the support case. All deliverables, documents, and media provided to the licensee under this Support Policy are also subject to the terms and conditions of the software end-user license agreement for the applicable software products by and betCSSSen you and CSSS (the "EULA").

Our Support Services

CSSS will make reasonable efforts to achieve the resolution of the support cases within the shortest possible terms. Note that resolutions may involve a "workaround" to an issue that will allow continued use of the affected supported product or component.

What is covered:

  • Guidance for built-in features: The support service provides guidance and explanation for built-in features of the products. CSSS provide clients with references to existing resources and code samples to demonstrate the intended use of the product features regarding a particular case. CSSS also provide information on the proper configuration of the products and the accompanying tools.
  • Troubleshooting: CSSS are dedicated to assisting in diagnosing and troubleshooting warnings, errors, and exceptions within the CSSS products, and within customer case that is entirely generated by our tools.
  • Bug Confirmation: the support service covers diagnosing and confirming bugs that appear to be in CSSS products, code or automatically generated code that is entirely created by our tools. In the process of investigating reports, CSSS may request that clients isolate the issue in a runnable sample or code snippets and provide us with additional information such as steps to reproduce it.
  • Workarounds: CSSS are committed to suggesting workarounds, when available, for confirmed product bugs. Where possible, CSSS also provide information on releases containing a fix for a bug or an implemented feature request. CSSS facilitate clients' access to service packs and hotfixes and provide guidance to logging feature requests on the feedback portals.
  • General Optimization Suggestions: clients can benefit from general guidance on performance improvements related to our products and tools. CSSS also diagnose and confirm performance issues in our products. In doing so, CSSS shall request that clients isolate the issue to a runnable sample and provide us with additional information such as steps to reproduce it.

What is not covered:

  • Custom Implementations: Client issues with products that are not set up in accordance with the official product documentation and system requirements. CSSS may propose our best practices approaches and offer clients advice based on general knowledge.
  • Complete Implementations: Delivering full implementation and integration with the customer's environment or third-party products and tools based on specifications or wireframes. The same applies to guidance related to the implementation of application security or user authentication unless the task is directly related to existing security features of the CSSS tools.
  • Source Code Explanation: The explanation of our source code is strictly prohibited.
  • Feature Implementations: The support service does not cover providing an alternative solution for a feature request or customer requirement that differs from the built-in behaviour of a product. CSSS may help in the form of best practices guidance and suggestions on how to approach similar scenarios.
  • External Bugs: Limitation of debugging customers' or third-party software and addressing issues that derive from external libraries, assemblies, and customers' cases.
  • Performance Tuning: Analysing custom cases and implementations for performance issues and providing guidance for performance improvements in an environment where system or platform-specific tuning is needed.
  • Professional Services: Analysing custom cases, and basic product guides, and providing general guidance on best programming practices or performance optimizations over remote CSSS assistance.
  • Project case: In the event of a project case. CSSS does not design the whole project for the licensee. CSSS will not review the whole project for the licensee. CSSS will not teach the licensee for basic technical skills and describe the standard practices of engineering.

CSSS does not guarantee that all support issues will be resolved. Bug reports and product feature suggestions are not considered support cases, and CSSS is not obligated to acknowledge or address such bug reports and/or product feature suggestions.

Our Support Business Hours and Response Times

Standard Support: All licenses come with a 48-hour Ticket Response time (excluding CSSS own holidays, weekends and public holidays in Malaysia). This means that CSSS will provide an initial response (but not necessarily a resolution) to each support inquiry within 48 hours of receipt of such support inquiry and will use reasonable efforts to resolve the issue generating the inquiry as soon as possible. HoCSSSver, it is subjected to be complexity of the case being reported. Trial Support: Trial licenses come with a 48-hour Ticket Response time (excluding CSSS own holidays, weekends and public holidays in Malaysia).

Contact Procedures

There are a way to request support services depending to the type of license: For a standard license support services may be requested using:
  • The ticketing support system is available on the CSSS's email: It is accessible via our email Support inquiries are private and are visible only to the licensee and our support personnel.
For a trial license, the following support services may be requested:
  • Via email to

Scope of Support

Re-establishment of a working system on all support cases is of first importance to us. CSSS will provide support services under the terms of this Support Policy and will use competent staff to provide such services. HoCSSSver, certain limitations apply as follows:
  • CSSS cannot ensure support staff has specific knowledge regarding the licensee's business or a particular project.
  • CSSS cannot guarantee that the support case will be resolved within a pre-determined time frame, especially when changes to any supported product are necessary.
  • It might be possible that the supported product has design limitations, which should not be considered a bug. In such instances, CSSS will attempt to provide an alternative solution to minimize the impact of such design limitations, if possible.
  • In no event CSSS will provide support of any kind to end-users of the licensee's integrated products or any other licensee's proprietary or third-party software
  • In no event CSSS will provide support for bugs caused by the licensee's negligence or fault or resulting from hardware malfunction or malfunction of software not covered by this Support Policy
  • In no event CSSS will provide support for bugs caused by the licensee's negligence or fault or resulting from managing the installation and licensing due to improve steps in installation or managing licensing which includes transferring the license of software not covered by this Support Policy
  • Consulting work, custom development, and related services fall beyond the scope of the support and will be provided under terms and conditions to be additionally agreed upon betCSSSen CSSS and the licensee.
  • Support services are not available for modifications made to the supported product (including modifications to the supported product's source code CSSSre permitted under the EULA) by any person or entity other than CSSS
  • Bug fixes and new features are generally only provided for the latest release version of the supported product. Workarounds for older versions may be provided in the ticketing system if they are technically possible, but CSSS cannot guarantee that fixes are available for older versions and there is no warranty for any workarounds that are provided.
  • CSSS does not guarantee compatibility with Windows operating system, browsers and third-party software or frameworks that CSSSre not available at the time the supported product version in use by the licensee was first made generally available.

Support Fair Usage Policy

CSSS may limit or terminate licensee's access to any or all of the support services available if licensee's use of the support services is determined by CSSS, in its sole and reasonable discretion, to be excessive.

Abusive Issues

Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes language (whether verbal or written) that may cause CSSS to feel afraid, threatened or abused and may include threats, personal verbal abuse, derogatory remarks and rudeness. Inflammatory statements, remarks of a discriminatory nature and unsubstantiated allegations will also be considered abusive behaviour. Where a licensee is aggressive or abusive, CSSS may decide to:
  • Advise licensee that their actions are considered offensive, unnecessary, and unhelpful and ask them to stop.
  • End any communication such telephone calls / appointments / email/ WhatsApp/ meetings.
  • Terminate all direct contact with licensee
  • Take any additional actions considered appropriate to the circumstances.

Term and Termination

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, support becomes effective upon the shipment date of the supported products, and is available to the licensee until the expiration date of the support period. Notwithstanding the above, support may be terminated in accordance with the terms of the EULA. In particular, support shall terminate immediately in the event that the license granted to the licensee is terminated for breach according to the provisions of the EULA.