• "Imprt Excel data into CAD"
  • "Add prefix with number utility"
  • "Draw polygon with area utility"
  • "Auto increase numbering utility"
  • "Rotate text 180degree utility"
  • "Draw bearing and length text utility"

xBrics- Surveyor CAD Utilities in Bricscad

CAD Utilities in surveyor field. Currently it has achieved 73 modules. We still adding new modules to it. It contains of:



  • Draw polyine/3d polyline with Area/perimeter length/Bearing.
  • Pick polyline to compute area/perimmeter length/bearing.
  • Auto increase numbering/lower character abc/upper character ABC on user picks Text entity in CAD.
  • Rotate a Text entity in 180degree. Text entity alignment is Left.
  • Auto increase numbering system in a selected polygon.
  • Draw predefine text to horizontal or to a select angle.
  • Import a selected range in EXCEL file into table entity of CAD.
  • Freeze/unfreeze all layers except current layer.
  • On/Off all layers except current layer.
  • Draw polyline with label
  • Draw polygon with plot prefix text
  • Add Standard Text
  • Lock/unlock all layers accept current layer.
  • Calculate summation of number in group of number texts.
  • Auto increase number for text.
  • Auto increase smaller letter.
  • Auto increase cap letter.
  • Convert meter to feet vise versa.
  • Convert square meter to square feet vise versa.
  • Change Z value to zero.
  • Draw breakline.
  • Draw bisector.
  • Draw double lines.
  • Draw offset line.
  • Add value to number text.
  • Auto length summation.
  • Add/delete prefix to text.
  • Change to lower/upper case.
  • Underline/un-underline text.
  • Increase/decreaes text height.
  • Convert text entity to MText entity.
  • Polyline points to text.
  • Set number of decimal point to number text.
  • Draw rebars.
  • Delete duplicated entities.
  • Linear interpolation.
  • Plane interpolation.
  • Import coordinates.
  • Copy with increament value.
  • Obtain X,Y, Z coordinate.
  • Obtain polyline coordinates.
  • And many more...

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