• "Cross section user interface"
  • "Cross section in 2D drawing"


Cross section design V1.O (xSection) is first generation of cross section design. This application is for user to draw cross section in easy way instead of using CAD application. Besides, xSection can also extract profile data from our Zeon Earth, Sewer+ and Drain+ or other third parties products such as Hec-Ras application

The xSection allows you to enhance cross section drawn by addon features. It can be customization based on addon requirements such as Tree.


  • Generate section drawing
  • Import data from Zeon Earth
  • Import data from Hec-Ras application
  • Add features
  • Direct editing level
  • Work independent without AutoCad application
  • Layer off/on for xSection entities
  • User interface can be edited
  • User can add more than two series

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