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Storm Suite

A range of products which built to meet our Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd edition(MSMA2) guideline and also Singapore PUB guideline. We are only the company which can provide the most comprehensive MSMA2 software in our country.

Since the introduction of MSMA in year 2000; also based on our business feedback, we still encounter a number of engineers in country need further educate more on MSMA guideline. For example, What is the difference between onsite detention and detention basin?
As we understand, one of the main important of concept of MSMA is to control at source. With this conceprt and by the implementation of MSMA in a project. It is "LIFE" job. In order to get it works, first of all, engineer needs basic understand of hydraulic and hydrology to adopt the concept of MSMA in a project. General knowledge also another important factor. Field experience is important. Then MSMA can comes apart. No doubt, there still have other elements are required in implementantion of guideline.
The MSMA cannot just purely read through and memorize it. Therefore, it will be difficult to just direct adoption.
Now with our software on MSMA, engineers can more easily to understand by the interactive between software with user. Like our 3D view in certain modules. It provides best understanding on MSMA element look alike. Our calculation features give user even more clear how the computation is carried out.
With years in water resources, we eventually compiled and created a list of MSMA modules which direct built on top of MSMA chapters. Until now, we have covers about 90% of the guideline in software.
As a result, we are strongly recommended these modules to user who want to learn and use the MSMA 2nd edition through software.


  • Basic understanding of design guideline for Malaysia and Singapore

General Features

  • Calculation pad in EXCEL alike output
  • Build on top working examples of MSMA Chapters
  • Focus on ONE CLICK APPLICATION. Selected modules with a click of button to get result.
  • Focus on ONE PAGE input. Selected modules with Data to be entered by a page.
  • Selected modules with 3D view
  • Selected modules with CAD support
  • Selected modules Simplified input mode.


  • Learn MSMA by software
  • Software were built on top of MSMA chapters
  • Can use for design, checking, validation MSMA contents.
  • Research on water resource topics on MSMA topics..
  • Step by step EXCEL output calculation for easy understanding
  • 3D models provided in depth MSMA components
  • Concept behind MSMA.
  • Training manuals with manual steps that come together with computer steps.

Targeted audiances

  • Consulting engineers.
  • Authorities.
  • Local councils.
  • Researcher on MSMA topics.
  • Education. Lecturers and students in universities
  • Water resource designers.


A comprehensive software package which cover ALL CHAPTERS of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition.

Our signature suite

Zeon Storm

Hydrology and hdraulic analysis and design application.

Compliance with MSMA 2nd edition

Support SWMM application


Drainage design as per MSMA1 and MSMA2


Singapore edition. Storm design based on Singapore PUB On-Site Stormwater Detention Tank System

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