• "Zeon Storm"
  • "Zeon Storm"

Zeon Storm

It is an application which can perform hydrology and hydraulic analysis and design. It can performs routing model by steady flow, kinematic flow and dynamic flow routing. One of the main usage of this app is can use it to study an existing drainage system for problematic area such as flooding.
It is used for single event or long-term(continuous) simulation runoff model. It also can perform multiple ARI/return period analysis. The app is built to adopt Malaysia MSMA2, Singapore PUB and also SWMM guideline. Furthermore, it is compatible with SWMM application; i.e one of famous software in world.
For those people who need to in depth study of hydrology and hydraulic model. It is strongly recommanded this app.


  • Basic knowledge on hydrology, hydraulic, CAD and design guidelines


  • Comprehesive analysis
  • Comparable three routings result in one analysis.
  • Auto generate inflow hydrograph or user define hydrograph
  • Live map for MSMA2 Malaysia
  • Predefine channel or customize channel
  • Time series analysis to provide more economical result
  • CAD interface. Works in dwg format
  • Generate SWMM file format.
  • Profile/Cross section generator
  • Comprehesive report with "EXCEL" like reporting system.
  • Culvert design
  • Pump system
  • 3D viewer.
  • Three guildelines adopted. MSMA2, Singapore Pub and SWMM.
  • Links and nodes system
  • mini CAD drafting

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