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(myESCP) Erosion and Sediment Control

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We cannot denied that the erosion and sediment control (ESCP) is getting important in our engineering works. It will slowly become a need in project development.

Based on our feedback, we noted that many consultant engineers in our country where they are not sure what about the ESCP, even the authorized person for ESCP has to done by a certified professional engineer with additional required of “Cepace”. Professional engineer need to take additional exam for ESCP. We got info that such certified engineers in our country is not many. Without proper guidance from government, issue of ESCP has not proper deliver message to engineers. Furthermore, some engineers may consider the earthworks is ESCP. They just provide earthwroks design as ESCP. The ESCP is part of earthworks. It can be done by an earthworks or split into certain phases. It depends on how a client need to construction a development. Most of time, for a large development, the earthworks will do in phases. It this case, ESCP also go into phases with minimum number of phases similar to earthworks phases.

Once the earthworks subdivided into phases, the erosion and sediment control will be important. A site cannot be leave it to bare without any protection to earht. It will create many issues to social and environmental.

Therefore, the implementation of ESCP is important. But it makes engineers face a lot of problem especially on how to get started. We noted with concern with such issue. As a result, our R&D team has spent our time on this topic. We spent around two years on this topic. We cumulative necessary information from MSMA guideline 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control In Malaysia by DID 2010. Besides, we also acquired some countries for ESCP requirements and implementation of ESCP. Countries like Australia, UK, US etc. We integrate those important elements into our products.

Now, we are pleased to announce to you that we have completed an edition of ESCP which we called myESCP software. Currently we called it as prototype edition. It means that the program is ready. But it is in the progress of validation of product in term of accuracy, performance, error trapping issue. It is best to use together with our earthworks software -ZEON EARTH. Because it has feature on interlink the output data from earthworks-ZEON EARTH to myESCP

This is our first edition of ESCP software where compliance to our guideline 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control In Malaysia by DID 2010. It comprised of BMP modules in MSMA which are necessary in design of BMPs. This software is to ease the complicity of implementation of ESCP in their design requirements. We have simplified the workflow to engineers. With the help of myESCP, now engineers can be more understand how the BMP works. How to design BMP modules like Check Dam, Diversion control, silt fence, sediment basin, and sediment trap etc.

All these modules have been integrated into myESCP. Even with internet connection, our Live map can show all rainfall stations which given in MSMA guideline. Besides, our reporting system also can ease engineers in report preparation. Even, our report generated in EXCEL file format to enable user to make necessary revision in the output of ESCP.

We are first in Malaysia which get ready with the software in ESCP. With more and more input from our clients, it will move this product into more and more enrich contents. In a way, it is a long journey to go. Therefore, we have plan up a road map where we have a number of improvement which will be came alone the time.

It will be going to born our 2nd edition or more.


  • BMPs. Detailing of BMPs in drawing.
  • Design modules. Design modules are available such as sediment basin, sediment traps, water crossing, diversion channel etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting system.
  • FULLY CAD DATA. It fully supports DWG format.
  • Flow map is an additional feature.
  • Own "EXCEL" output mode.
  • Live map for rainfall station in Malaysia.
  • Universal Soil Loss Equation(USLE)
  • Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation(MUSLE)
  • Construction stages.

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