Product lifecycle

C&S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd. ("CSSS") will provide no future support or updates once a product version or its support has been discontinued. Customers understand that discontinued product versions (product versions for which support and updates are no longer provided) may in the future be vulnerable to un-patched issues, including bugs, security, and other risks, and that CSSS is not responsible for any continued use of such product. The following product lifecycle applies to all CSSS software. CSSS will offer to active, paying subscribers of these products a minimum of:

  • 1 year of product service releases
  • 3 years of CSSS development support

The following table lists the CSSS products currently in an active, supported state.

Product Last Release Expires
xSeries 1.0 2020 2023
ZeonEarth 5.0 2022 2023
ZeonEarth 6.0 2023 2025
ZeonStorm 7.0 2023 2025
xSection 5.0 2023 2025

The following table lists the CSSS products have been expired. No longer supported.
Product Last Release Expired
CoreMSMA Suite 1.0 2019 2022
ZeonEarth 3.0 2019 2021
ZeonEarth 4.0 2020 2022
ZeonStorm 6.0 2019 2022
xSection 3.0 2019 2022