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Images shown are our pre-release edition. It will change based on our final release edition.

Project Relation Management-PRM gives you insights into running your consulting business. It gives you the information you need in your projects management. Furthermore, it has been tailor made to your engineering consulting business. Software is suitable for medium and small consulting firms which the principle needs to personally monitor each projects. The system is built under database system. It can keep tracks all your projects in better way. Our today lists keep on monitor your projects in daily basis. It will give you a glance of tasks need to do for your company.

A tailor made project for consulting engineer to manage his projects.


Manage multiple projects

It gives you info on corresponding projects. When project is awarded, expired, LAD etc.It helps you to remember important project info.

Manage submissions on each project.

It can provides you status of project's submissions.

After project submission, when you need to follow up.

Upon approval, it help you to keep track approval duration.

Software help you to prepare documents.

We customize your company document format to meet the best what you have now.

Software help you to prepare submission documents i.e. letter to authority, to client and action memo for staffs

Software help you to prepare engineer's instructions and progress certificates.

Software comes with its own word document which you don't have to have another word processing software like MS Words.

It cut down error like typo error such as wrong project name.

Shift your team into high gear.

Our today list give insight of reports for details metrics about your projects performance.

You can trace duration of your projects, number of projects, clients and contractors.

With internet connection, our live map in software gives you geographical location of your projects.

Automate. Be productive.

From start of a project to completion. Cut energy on project management to take you to reduce unnecessary mistake on manage projects.


What is Project Relation Management-PRM?

Project relation management (PRM) is the systematic oversight and maintenance of project relationships, and the data, awarded projects, and engagements that go a long with it. PRM help businesses easily organize and track project information together with submission information, all in one place.

What does a Project Relation Management-PRM solution do?

PRM tools centralize project information, automate project alert interactions, provide business intelligence, and facilitate communications for increased productivity.

A PRM tracks opportunities your project is pursuing, analyzes project data, and helps deliver superior project service to client.

Running a successful business is no simple task. Especially projects monitoring such as awarded, expiration, defect liability period, engineer's instructions, engineer's certificates, progress certificates.

All projects with those tasks will happen simultaneously, you need something powerful than running conventional way-manually system.

Product editions

There are two difference type of products. Standard edition and Professional edition. The only main difference among each edition is the number of councils attended to. Standard edition allows to handle up to five(5) councils, where else the Professional edition which is allows to unlimited councils.



1.Why this software is subscription base?

Our software is subscription base is mainly due to authorities are frequently changed submission requirements. In which we are here to help to re-condition the submission requirements to meet latest needs. Another item is we need to help clients to customize clients’ documents to fit their needs. All these are done by case by case basis. It will also covers whatever cover in software without subscription.

With active subscription, clients will able to get latest upgrade edition. These features are cover in price of subscription.

2.Can customer buy software without subscription?

Yes, it can. Customer can buy software without subscription. Where there will not have support provided like it is not covers to customizing customer requirements such as document setup and change in authority requirements. It will not cover any new upgrade edition. At time of prepare this document, new customer will come with FREE three(3) months subscription with a software purchased.

3.Can customer upgrade edition to higher level of products?

Yes, it can. Customer needs to refer to our latest upgrade price list.

4.Can a customer re-instate subscription after customer has stopped subscription or without subscription?

Yes, it can. Customer can re continue customer’s subscription. Customer needs to refer to our term and condition on subscription.

5.Can customer to terminate signed subscription agreement?

Yes, it can. Customer can stop subscription any time.

6.What is covers in software without subscription?

Software without subscription will cover basic item such as free email/remote support on operating software for three(3) months. Minor software bug fixes in updated basis.