• "2019 ZeonEarth 3.0"
  • "1st 2019 Books year 2019"
  • "A most comprehensive infra package"
  • "core MSMA Suite 2018-A comprehensive digital edition of MSMA2"
  • "2019 IEM NS event"
  • "2019 IEM PJ event"
  • "2019 IEM PJ event"
  • "ESAM Calculator for CPESC"
  • "Newsletter 2018"
  • "BricsCAD V19 Released"
  • "New technology"
  • "Preview Beta Editions-Infrastructure Software"
  • "Preview IntelliDrain"
  • "3D ZEON engine"
  • "Impresive 3D Earthworks"
  • "International Collaboration"

Makesure you are buying our infra products is origin from us. We will reserve our legal right for those people who use our reputation to sell products that are not belonging to us. for more info, please Contact us

Zeon Earth 3.0 Beta is available. Highlight auto slope. find out more.

Essential of Earthworks Book is available for sales. You can get it from LAZADA.

ESAM-Erosion Sediment Application Modules specially built for CPESC exam

A tool for you to prepare the CPESC exam. It just for MR900.00.
Remember also our upcoming ESCP digital class to help you to get ready to Aug CPESC exam.

2019 Events

Main Offical Events 2019

All the ESCP courses here is to make you equip to our ESCP software-myESCP. One of our Core MSMA Suite products

Our main official events. One of our product of service will be the technical talks. The main purpose of technical event is to equip you with the technical knowhow, so you will be able to adopt the knowledge into our products.

  • 24/8/2019 9am-1pm.4 CPD hours. 26th Annual General Meeting 2019-IEM NS. Essential of Earthworks Technical Talk Visit here for more info

  • 27/8/2019 9am-530pm.7 CPD hours. One Day Course on A Quick Preview of Erosion and Sediment Control Plan by Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control®-CPESC. Open for registartion. Visit here for more info

  • 12/9/2019 530pm-730pm.2 CPD hours. Short Course on Essential of Earthworks Design. Visit here for more info

  • 3rd week of Aug 2019 9am-5pm. 2 Day Course. Universiti Putra Malaysia:
    Upcoming course Urban Stormwater Management. Stay tune...

Core MSMA Suite Digital Classes 2019

Our new services to the Core MSMA Suite. Due to the popularity of our digital MSMA-Core MSMA Suite, the digital classes will be conducted to provide a better understanding on MSMA guideline with our Core MSMA Suite. It will help our users in implementation of MSMA in design world. These classes will be conducted in first come, first serve mode. Furthermore, and most important is FREE of charge. Priority to be given to our clients.

  • 17/7/2019 10am-1pm. Applied Technology Training Centre Subang Jaya:Digital Class 4-Fundamental Quantity Design by Software-Postponed

  • 11/9/2019 10am-1pm. Applied Technology Training Centre Subang Jaya:Digital Class 5-Fundamental WetLand and Quality Pond Design by Software

Digital classes are subjected to change without prior notice. Interested! Please register in advance to reserve seat.

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HIGHLIGHT-Industrial Collaboration

Lastest news.

Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with UNIVERSITI TENAGA NASIONAL SDN BHD(Uniten) Dec 2018

Our products development cannot move without industrial collaboration. Besides, industrial partner such as G&P Water & Maritime Sdn Bhd.

Now, we also move into education level which based on our skill and knowledge, we can help our education to move parallel with industrial. It will further enhance our products quality. R&D and joint development with our reputable universities in Malaysia such as UPM and UNITEN. Stay tune. More news coming..

2019 Highlights-Essential of Earthworks Book

We are please to annouce that we will release our 1st printed engineering books in year 2019. Software cannot come without technical write up. This will be our path to serve communities better. As we understanding, there are limited resources on the engineering books in real practical aspects.
With more than 10 years in software market, our experience more than 20 years design experiences, more than 8years past events feedbacks, our clients comments, this is where we can produce an enrich contents on technical write up from theories up to practicality issue.

  • Essential of Earthworks Book- Status:Completed. Reviewing...Read more

  • Coming soon. Essential of Stormwater Management Book. Status:Finalizing...Read more

The Essential of Earthworks Book will comes with a complimentary Classic edition of ZeonEarth-Our signature 3D Earthworks software.

Interested on these books. Estimated price of book in below RM200.00. Please drop us emaail to sales@civilstructural.com.my with title of "Essential of Earthworks Book" or "Essential of Stormwater Managment Book", Kindly provide your contact info

  • Name:
  • Contact no:
  • Email:
  • Comapany:if any
  • Address:

We will inform you once it is official release in early of year 2019. The final content of books will subjected to change without prior notice.

Welcome to Civil and Structural Engineering Software

We have been developed civil and structural engineering software since 1994. In year 2006, we started introduce our engineering products in Malaysia market. Til now, it has been taken more than 10 years in market and more than 21 years in civil and structural software development. Currently, we have large clients based especially in civil and structural consulting engineers. Til today, we have been sold more than 3000 copies of software. In order to help our customers-civil and structural engineers, we will keep on developing new applications, enhance and update existing applications. Through the time, we will release new products and updates for any existing applications.

From now onward, we will be concentrated our manpower to our main development team. With this move, we will able to delivery better engineering products development in term of qualities, values, knowledge and productivity; where we can meet our vision below.

“Our vision is to build civil and structural engineering applications to help engineers”

It is easy to build a software but NOT easy to build a GOOD for civil and structural engineering software

X-Series 2018 Applications

Our anticiptape products for year 2018. X Series. Infrastructure applications. xStorm, xDrain, xSewer and xWater. Next generation products which now support open source software.

Products of the year 2018

Our products of the year 2018 are core MSMA suite-A comprehensive MSMA software which covers all chapters of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition(MSMA2)

Signature Product

Our signature product ZeonEarth-An application that can provide a quick count on cut and fill volume

Bricscad programming in C#

Three new books on Beginning Programming in AutoCAD in C# and BricsCAD in C# or VB.NET start from 1/12/16

Our products list such as Urban Stormwater Management(MSMA), Earthworks, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, Culvert, Pump Station, Drainage, Sewerage, Water Reticulation, RC Euro/BS beam, RC Euro/BS Slab, STAAD tank modeler

Therefore, we have a number of productivity products which has been group into such as Storm package, CAD package, Civil engineering package and also structural package.
CAD package mainly run in Bricscad platform. Now our new xBrics, ZEON EARTH and VIEWER-can run in Bricscad platform version 16. xBrics is land surveyor CAD utilities, ZEON Earth is an earthworks computation and ZEON Viewer is 3D terrain generator.
Storm package is the apps that mainly in stormwater.
Civil engineering package is the apps for earthworks, water supply, drainage and sewerage.

Free earthworks ebook Click here

What news?

  • 2019 Digital Classes are introduced in Malaysia
  • One new modules IntelliDrain Preview is going to add into core MSMA suite 2018.
  • XSeries is added into products
  • Two new modules added to core MSMA suite 2018. iDesign and EcoPlant.
  • Events 2017 updated 16/8/2017. Preview 3D Slope on Zeon Earth
  • Events 2017 updated 23/6/2017.
  • Pre-release myESCP-Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • 1st newsletter May 2017.
  • Flow Map.
  • xCAD Version 2.0. CAD utilities up to 73 modules.
  • Aquator addon updated guildeline for SAJ.
  • Rainwater Harvesting edition Beta edition released
  • Zeon Storm edition Beta edition released
  • Drain+ and Sewer+ with new updates such as comprehesive report. Beta edition released
  • Tank modeler with new template.
  • Truss detailing edition coming soon...
  • Bricscad CAD Programming in C# or VB.NET book.
  • Zeon Viewer-3D terrain generator from land surveyor drawing
  • xBrics-Surveyor CAD utilities in Bricscad platform
  • BricsSection-Cross section in Bricscad platform
  • Zeon Brics-Earthworks in Bricscad platform
  • xStorm-Urban Stormwater MSMA second edition for module OSD and detention basin
  • Drain+(Drainage) and Sewer+(Sewerage) with new improved 3D view. Clash analysis inclusive of Aquator-Water reticulation pipeline


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