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International Collaboration

With the invent of internet, we cannot deny that with this borderless, more and more resources can be reached. Especially in engineering field, a lot of great software that had been built but not available in Malaysia. Even you have it, you need encounter some problem in interact with those vendors. Somehow, how do we can reach those resource in better manner. One of the way is to bring them into Malaysia. In order to get them here, there must be certain entities that are capable to capture and delivery to our engineers in Malaysia.

As we understand, our Malaysia is one of the country in this region that fully support on software copyright. Where it helps software market growth in healthy way. Therefore, throughout many years; we have been approached by a number of engineering software vendors to market and develop their products to suit Malaysia market. We have go into deep consideration on such matters. It may be ranging of conflict of interest and market sharing. Finally, we concluded that with the collaboration with those vendors in other countries, it will benefit our Malaysia engineers. Also, the collaboration will benefit both parties either us or the vendors.

After many rounds of discussion and negotiation with some software vendors, we are finally pleased to announce that now we are the distributor of two companies on engineering products. There are Computer Control System S.A. and Ingeciber S.A. Both of them have their own unique values in software that developed by them. Besides, we may also have collaboration on enhancement development with them. We also don’t want to re-invent the wheel where they already developed. We need to target to make product to another level. Collaboration with them, will also bring up the technology transfer among us. We have one unique capability as compare to normal software distributors, we can do something that normal software distributors cannot do. i.e. we can customize existing software without interrupting software vendor to make change to fit our Malaysian culture. We can do it here. Therefore, the software vendors can still remain their own software to market on their own way.

Now, we are officially announce that we have add on a range of third parties products which are in the range of civil and structure software.



Engineering Software

In the early days, all the engineering designs is done by manually. It can be built many mega structure by engineers. With the evolution of computer, it has bring human to another level where now engineers can do more impossible engineering works by the help of computer. In our Malaysia, we have Kuala Lumpur City Centre(KLCC) where it has two concrete towers. With the invention of Finite Element technology, where it is do more things that it is impossible can be done it by human. They involved a lot of repeated computation where involve may up to few hundred thousand of similar computation which only can works by the help of computer. Also the globalization by the help of internet, we are more expose to other world, where we can have benefit to know many good engineering software which has been produced in other countries. Before with the invent of internet, those software only available in that country, the software has not fully benefit to other countries other than themselves. Now when engineer need to have a software to help in engineering works, simple; what he need to do just google it in google.com. Google will search of a big list of contents that related to that particular software which engineer needed. We must understand, when there only has limited choice, we will claim that not enough information. But when there a lot of choice, we will fall in dilemma of selection of software. Therefore, this issue, we are going to explain some of way to select a software. We here to compile of some information which hope can benefit engineer on buying an engineering software.

Factors affecting buying and using software


We must understand that whatever thing we need to use, it will involve of cost. Is it FREE or need to pay?

Free software

Free software will comes with some hidden cost where user will not realize at the initial stage. i.e. engineer get it to use without any cost. First and almost will the technical support. Who will standby to support the software? It means that owner of product will do it wherever owner is FREE. Especially in urgent situation, engineer need to work to be done on that day but engineer encountered some issue in software. But it will not 100% correct for all those free software. For example software like HEC-RAS, a free public domain software which produced by US Army Corps of Engineers or SWMM. No doubt there are limited support provided. Somehow, since this software is popular, it comes with a public communities forum where user can get help from there. Another of the hidden cost of FREE software, software will be provided by FREE, but whenever user need a support, a fee will be imposed.

Paid software

In another way, paid software. It means user need to use it, user need to pay for certain amount of money. In our region, there is a one common mindset that user who paid for software, it means user is “own” the software. But in reality, user gain a right to use it but not to own it. It may said he own the right to use it. We must also understand that in most of time user who install a software, the user will not deeply read through the License Agreement before he install it. He may just click accept and next to proceed with installation. It is not the correct way to do so. But this is norm in our region. The first amount of money being paid to the software, mainly it is paid for the time and effort of developers who built it. The computer software is slight difference with other products, it needs maintenance. What mean that the software built is not perfect. It has bug or error on it. One important information about software, we cannot get a 100% bug free software. If user get a software from a vendor and said that no bugs, it mainly is cheating the user. You must remember that, even giant software maker like Microsoft also has updates and fixes among their products like operating system and office. In certain interval of period, they will release updates and fixes. The paid cost will categories into certain group. Certain company, when user buy, user pay for cost of software with one year free support and updates and upgrade of product. Some will the bill it separately, it means that user needs to pay for cost of software and pay separately for support and updates and upgrades of product. Whenever involve in support or maintenance fees, or may called with subscription fees. User needs to careful understand the cost of subscription fees. It can be a burden to user where user is not aware of it. Be careful term and condition of usage of software. Some may terminate of usage of software when the subscription is not paid. Bear in mind that, our world is turning software into software as a service. We cannot have expectation a software developer will continue support a customer for a long period such as ten years or more. Therefore, a number of giant software like Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk. They are moving toward subscription basis. You will aware when you buy their products. They are charging user in daily, monthly or yearly. It seen it is cheaper in starting, but remember as long as user uses it, user needs to pay it forever. Furthermore, it will not a problem when user just buy one product as subscription. But imagine when user has a number of products with subscription it will be a burden to user. Please take note.


Supports are important especially in engineering software. It not like Antivirus or MS Office. User needs their supports are minimum. But in engineering software, it will not be true. User may need direct support from seller or developer who developed the products. User need to justify some result, user need advice on operating software, user may need training. Therefore, the support is important in engineering software. First and almost, user needs to make sure that the seller or developer has technical knowhow on the software, where they can provide in depth explanation of software. Theory behind the software, concept of software. Justification of output result. Are they capable to do it? Another issue need to attend is are they allocate support persona to handle it. Whenever support is needed, are they promptly attend to user problem. As a result, usage of software for any engineering works must aware of the support. If user meet highly demanding client, can software vender provide such support? Or any premier support available? Most of time, supports are available for paid software but not Free software.

*Learning curve or User friendliness of software.

There always a question arises. Do you want to has to simple and easy operate or a powerful but difficult to operate? If both can provide similar result. Which will be better? Be careful of those expensive software, the operator of software can be hijacked by other company due to he only the person can operate the software. If the software is easy to operate, then company will not be worried on issue of hijacking of staff. Company can be replacement easily. Always need to raise a question of how fast a common people can get started?

*Reputation of software.

Whenever, user meet a new software. Now is quite easy, try to google about the product in google.com. You will unexpected some outcome about the software. Go yourself to evaluate the outcome. It may comment, complaints, praise etc. From those messages, it can provide you a guide to make decision of buying. Do not direct refer to the review of the software site because it mainly will give you positive feedbacks. You have to obtain some negative feedbacks. Then balance among the positive and negative feedbacks to make your best decision. One more issue need to attend is the who are the person behind the software. Are they people who engineering sound? How long they are in business? Do they just want to make money or passion on the software development?


With the above mention issues, we hope we can provide some guidance to any user who need to use an engineering software.




Our 3D Earthworks is an essential task to be carried out in any development project. During the earthwork, it will involving on soil movement. Therefore, it is a need to incorporate the ESCP together with earthworks. As a result, we have come out a package which tackle on these matters.


  • myESCP-Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • ZeonEarth-Earthworks
  • xSection-Cross Section module

Package 2: core MSMA suite

With years in development of water resource products that related to MSMA guideline. Now we are please to announce that we have a list of products that built relatedt to MSMA which we believe that these products can benefit user on MSMA guideline issue.


  • myESCP-Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • xStorm-Detention basin and on site detention(OSD)
  • Storm+-Step by step design detention basin.
  • aCulvert-Culvert module
  • iPump-Pump station module
  • PreQuality-Quality Design Fundamentals module
  • Sediment Basin-Sediment basin module
  • RWH-Rainwater harvesting module
  • Drain+-Drainage network design

LEARN MORE You can view our sample models by this link: http://earthworkssoftware.info/EarthworksImages.html


By the way, in order to enlighten our country engineers in certain knowledge. We are collaborating with IEM and Applied Technology Sdn Bhd to held some events in our country mainly in IEM branches and KL.

Tentatively the topics are coming to present will be “Programming for Engineers” and “Earthworks with ESCP”.

Programming for Engineers

The important of programming has been ignored by engineers all the time. They not aware of programming that can help a lot in daily engineering works.

Earthworks With ESCP

The Earthworks with ESCP also provide clue on design earthworks with ESCP. How to do a good earthworks design? Design of ESCP, what elements need to be attended?

Hari Raya festival had passed. Our events will be on schedule. Stay tune...



ZE_3D ZE_Layout ZE_Icon myESCP_Layout myESCP_Calculation myESCP_Icon

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to ZEON EARTH Software and myESCP Software.


Go for our core MSMA suite to get along with MSMA guideline. Learn MSMA 2nd edition by using computer software

Note: Offer valid on new licenses only. Buy out credit to be applied to your new ZEON EARTH Software and myESCP Software or our core MSMA Suite maintenance and support plan. Certain restrictions apply and cannot be combined with any other offer



Our team is always busy on R&D with products development. We hope our invention will greatly provide benefits to our civil engineers especially in our country. We are not limited our products development in desktop.

We also build mobile app in Android. One of our upcoming Android app is MSMA app. Do stay tune…

There will be never ending works in our company. No doubt the economy is slow, we are still committing our effort in development.

Now we have concentrated our team to our main office in Seremban. We don’t have any other development team other than our main Seremban office. Our people are knowledge base, they mainly in engineering background with technical knowhow.

Among us with regular discussion on knowledge, exchange ideal, seek for additional knowledge from some expertise. We will not build an application without understand the engineering concept. We spend time on research and development. For example myESCP takes around two years. ZeonEarth for period of two years.

We do welcome for any comments on engineers on our products development. We will do our best to serve our engineers the best. For the newsletter, we are planning to have it in regular basic, we hope to hear for all of you that support this newsletter. We need your feedbacks to improve the newsletter. Currently we are planning to have it in three-month interval.

From our newsletter, we can update our customers to what happening to us. What we are going to do? What will be the next? Even we will update industrial news!

Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues.