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We've uncovered how to design civil engineering in infrastructure works for Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Design for earthworks construction

You may cames across many ESCP reference books, but it never show you in detail how each BMP being placed. How it being placed? Where it to place? When to place? The purpose of soil loss and sediment yield? How they work?


This An approach that you never learned in Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Design- Step by Step book is a book which provide you a guidance that you may not able to find in design of ESCP for construction works. As compared to my previous book “Infra Design-Getting Started in 33 Days”, this is enhanced content of ESCP. Besides the theory and concept of fundamental of erosion and sediment. Here, the content will be concentrated at common scenario on construction of property development. A special topic on ESCP for small site is introduced here. With sample projects’ illustration, the behavior of BMPs will be well defined. The focus will be on the BMPs selection. You can learn how to place BMPs? How to select BMPs? What to consider in selection of BMPs? Common data required from earthworks. Tools required. These are not being shown how they worked in our guideline or reference. Furthermore, the content has been put into step-by-step guidance for you. Besides, it shows you how to prepare it by manually assessment and computation. Later our computer software gives you another computation result. A clear understanding with our computer 3D illustration. Later, you will find out that the 3D visualization is pre-requisite element in erosion and sediment control design. Secondly is the profiling of the site. Here, our ZeonEarth-3D earthworks will assist you. The simplicity of ZeonEarth will help you resolve many problems in ESCP. Most of the examples here also being used in our own developed software ZeonEarth-SE, xSection, myESCP and smallESCP. Related manual and computer computation will be given you a clearer understanding.

Totally diference from other writers. We have technology and skills. Because our software is built by engineers for engineers with strong technical knowhow.

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This is a collection of 5 topcis for your general civil engineering works. a 338 pages


  • Theory and practices
  • Applicaiton in working project examples
  • Run with our-ZeonEarth SE, myESCP

General Information

  • 238 pages
  • Full color contents
  • Step by step in each topic
  • Project examples
  • Validated in manual design together with our own developed software
  • Tips and Tricks

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One year complimentary license of ZeonEarth-SE Package limited edition (Worth RM10.9K market value)

One year complimentary license of ZeonEarth-SE limited edition (Worth RM10.9K market value)

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3D Earthworks for ESCP ZeonEarth-SE

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