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We've uncovered how to design civil engineering in infrastructure works

That almost we are ONLY the people who provide this compiled documents which covered most general infra design works.


This is a book which written by our creator Ir.Chee Shai Choon who has more than 26 years working experience in civil engineering. The book has the collection of his skill and knowledge which covered more than what you can get directly from him Even, he has included other finding from his previous events like seminars, workshops, webinars, talks, tranings and many more in Institute of Engineers Malaysia(IEM), Malaysian Stormwater Organisation(MSO), ACEM, Applied technology Group, ACEM

A totally diference from other writers.


This is a collection of 5 topcis for your general civil engineering works. a 400 pages


  • Earthworks
  • Erosion and sediment control plan (ESCP)
  • Drainage/Stormwater management
  • Sewerage
  • Water supply

General Information

  • 400 pages
  • Full color contents
  • Step by step in each topic
  • Project examples
  • Validated in manual design together with our own developed software
  • Tips and Tricks

Another benefit

One year license of Infra Package limited edition (Worth RM29K market value)

One year license of Infra Package limited edition (Worth RM29K market value)

What we offer

Content Software
Earthworks design ZeonEarth
Erosio and sediment control plan design myESCP, ZeonEarth
Drainage/stormwater management design xDrain, ZeonStorm
Sewerage design xSewer
Water supply design xWater

Most comprehensive solution for you in your Infra project



Software- Infra Package

Engineering service

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