Volume 7 / Issue 7


Welcome to the January issue of NEWSLETTER.

What next in year 2019?

Cheers... Year 2018 going to end. Year 2019 is coming. Happy New Year.
Just a quick review on year 2018.

One of the main achievement in year 2018 will be: We had signed up Memoramdun of Understanding with Universiti Tenaga Malasia-Uniten in Dec 2018. It had strengthen us.
In year 2018, we had conducted a number of seminars, talks and workshops. Thought out year 2018, there are a number of courses had been offered. Somehow, among those courses; the stormwater management courses had gained sustaintial of good responds. As a result, in year 2019, we are planning to conduct our own DIGITAL CLASSES through out the year for the appreciation of customers support.

Our newly launched Core MSMA Suite in year 2018 just form RM21,500.00 also met our own expectation. It further support our planning on digital classes.
Another interesting matter is the we are planning to release 2 books planned at the moment. i.e. Essential of Earthworks and Essential of Stormwater Managment.
Besides, our Core MSMA Suite, we had also launched our new series of infrastructure applications XSeries. It is branded new on a paradigm move technology.

Most important, we have our own sales channel. Now our new products will be solely sales on our channel.



Mission 2019

Total Solution in Stormwater Management

Now, from years of our experience. Now we believed we are capable to serve our customers in a total solution mode.

What ever related to stormwater management, we will be able to offer to our customers. It can ranging from products like Core MSMA Suite, up to training courses, even consultancy on project or technical book. Customization of softwarre related to software. it can includes from CAD interface up to 3D model.

We are believed that currently in Malaysia, we are only the company which able to serve this. Where others only either selling products nor provide trainings but not all can works together. Even the products, we can offer the comprehensive digital solution for MSMA guideline-Core MSMA Suite in Malaysia.

If you are looking for any stormwater product, we are here to serve you. Another important factor will be our price of products are much lower compare to other vendors in Malaysia. Please note that the low price does not mean the products are in low quality. we are always in a cost control to reduce the cost of products, so it will make it more afforable to public.

Another factor supporting us will be we are one of the longest engineering software developer in Malaysia which provide a good acknowledgement to public.

One more element which supporting us will be we are able to provide technical talks, seminars and workshops in Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Tenaga Malaysia etc. It shown that we are technical know how on our skill and knowledge which make our customers more confidence on adopting our products and services. As compare to our early days, we stepped behind the screen where no one knew about us. Now is the time for us to step forward.

With our better understanding in stormwater management skill and technology, we had signed up a MOU with Universiti Tenaga Malaysia-Uniten. Which is another proved that we are good at stormwater management.

Even, we had been invited to participate in real projects like ECOWorld and SimeDarby. Which covered up to around 1500acres, with the experience gained in projects which further enhanced our products to make it more practical instead of purely in theoritical.-CONFIDENT

Eventually, we have a strong tied up with private sector and public entities, it had strengthen us in our stormwater field.

As a result, we are moving toward to offer total solution in one roof. Customers just come over here to get everthing what they needed in stormwater management.

Aonther addon in year 2019, We are going to release technical write up i.e. books to furhter enhance our products and services. It makes users further confident on us.



Ultimate Infra Package:

What is the Ultimate Infra Package?

The package is comprises of the most needed by design engineers especially in doing design works. Our core MSMA suite(digital MSMA2) is the most comprehensive software which covered all chapters of MSMA2, Urban Stormwater Management Manual 2nd Edition for Malaysia.

Our latest updated in Core MSMA Suite is the newly added rainfall station for Sarawak State where it based on Sarawak Hydological Year Book 2016. ANd it also included the SUSTOM or Sarawak MSMA.

Our each product in package has it own special value. Such as ZeonEarth-3D earthworks which can run it FAST and SIMPLE.

  • ZeonEarth - Full 3D model earthworks. Unique features: Fast in compute cut and fill and can operate by draft person. 3D model can imported into Revit or Tekla.
  • XSeries-xDrain -Drainage Networks Analysis and Design. Unique features: Support SWMM, Can works in AutoDESK or Bentley stormwater CivilStorm software
  • XSeries-xWater -Design Water Reticulation Networks Analysis and Design. Unique features: Support EPANET. Can import into Bentley WaterGems.
  • XSeries-xStorm -Design and Detention Basin. Unique feature: One click application
  • XSeries-xSewer -Sewerage Networks Analysis and Design. Unique feature: Support SPAN.
  • Core MSMA Suite - Digital MSMA2 edition. Unique feature: Only company which able to provide in digital edition in country.

More information about products. Kindly visit the following links


Read more at our website at ZeonEarth

Core MSMA Suite

Read more at our newsletter April 2018

X Series

Read more at our newsletter June 2018

All these had been spent more than 12 years to complete it. Now it just for below RM20K. 100% value for money.

The products that we built are moving toward international compatibility standard.

Read more at our website

Ultimate Package:

The comprehensive software modules which cover most of your need in civil engineering works and AFFORDABLE just RM21,500.00 to have it in 24 software.


  • ZeonEarth-Earthworks
  • Core MSMA Suite-Complete MSMA chapters
  • X-Series-water, sewerage, drainage and pond software





Special price is available for our Ultimater Package

Call us, we can arrange DEMO upon avaible from us.

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to our Ultimater Infra Package. It comes with 24 number of software with the price of just for RM21.5K.

Note: Offer valid on new licenses only. Limited time only



Our team is always busy on R&D with products development. We hope our invention will greatly provide benefits to our civil engineers especially in our country. We are not limited our products development in desktop.

We also build mobile app in Android. One of our upcoming Android app is MSMA app. Do stay tune…

There will be never ending works in our company. No doubt the economy is slow, we are still committing our effort in development.

Now we have concentrated our team to our main office in Seremban. We don not have any other development team other than our main Seremban office. Our people are knowledge base, they mainly in engineering background with technical knowhow.

Among us with regular discussion on knowledge, exchange ideal, seek for additional knowledge from some expertise. We will not build an application without understand the engineering concept. We spend time on research and development. For example myESCP takes around two years. ZeonEarth for period of two years.

We do welcome for any comments on engineers on our products development. We will do our best to serve our engineers the best. For the newsletter, we are planning to have it in regular basic, we hope to hear for all of you that support this newsletter. We need your feedbacks to improve the newsletter. Currently we are planning to have it in three-month interval.

From our newsletter, we can update our customers to what happening to us. What we are going to do? What will be the next? Even we will update industrial news!

Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues.