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Welcome to the April issue of NEWSLETTER.

What next! Our Products and Services

The information technology is keep on changing thoughout the time. This year the IT is moving into topic of Machine Learning. Are our engineering field is ready for it?
What we can do to adopt the changes! Engieering may not able to goes as close as possible the movement of technology. Somoehow, we believe that we can follow the path of technology, so we will not lost track among the time.
As a result, this year. We are into a new ERA where we are no longer provide just only software. But we are starting on additional servives such as Traning and Project services.
During the time we in business, we always approached by many customers where they were requesting us to provide these services. After many approaches, we were seriously look into these matters. Finally we decided to start on the training courses and project servces.
Therefore, stay tune on our next move....



Next Generation Applications

The changes of technology make our existing civil engineering software which had been in market for 10 years old fall into a dileama on supporting this new technology. For example, our developer tools such as Visual Studio 2017 had drop the support on Windows XP platform.
Some of our design components had no longer support this move. Therefore, we have to make a solid decision. Many old technology need to remove and new technology need to addon. The changes of these had created us a heavy overhead on handling these.
Whether we like it or not, this is the fact, we have to accept it. Even for our daily life. As a result, last year, we had decided to make the changes. The first group of data need to attend are our range of civil engineering software.

What are the X-Series Applications?

Our conventional software had been in market around 10 years. We noted until today, there still have many engineering firms are using our products.

Besides the re-invent of applications. There is a new move on our products development where new we are supporting the public domain software such as EPA SWMM and EPANET for xDrain and xWater.

Read more at X series website


MSMA Software

The core MSMA software in term of chapters of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia Guideline. It had spent more than 10 years in development of these software. In the early days, we just focus on quantity; mainly on detention basin and onsite-detention. As years go on, we know that other topics in MSMA eventually become a need. Such as ESCP. Erosion and Sediment Control plan. It will becomes an important topic in country.
Total chapters in MSMA 2nd edition comprises of 20 chapters. We had covered every chapters of MSMA 2nd edition. Even the SUSToM for Sarawak.

  • iDesign: Chapter 1-2 -Quantity Design Fundamentals, Design Acceptance Criteria
  • PreQuality: Chapter 3 - Quality Design Fundamentals
  • *myRoofDrainage: Chapter 4 - Roof & Property Drainage
  • *xStorm-Express mode: Chapter 5 - On-site Detention and Chapter 7 - Detention Pond
  • *Storm+-Step by Step mode: Chapter 5 - On-site Detention and Chapter 7 - Detention Pond
  • *RWH: Chapter 6-Rainwater Harvesting
  • *InfilSoft: Chapter 8 - Infiltration Facilities
  • *BioPond: Chapter 9 - Bioretention System
  • *GPTSoft: Chapter 10- Gross Pollutant Traps
  • *QuaPond: Chapter 11 Water Quality Pond and Wetlands
  • *myESCP: Chapter 12 - Erosion and Sediment Control
  • *Sediment Basin: Chapter 12 - Erosion and Sediment Control
  • *PaveSoft: Chapter 13 Pavement Drainage
  • *DrainsSwales: Chapter 14 Drains Swales
  • *PipeNet: Chapter 15 - Drains and Swales
  • *Engchannel: Chapter 16 and 17 - Engineered Channel and BioEngineered Channel
  • *aCulvert: Chapter 18 - Culvert
  • *iPump: Chapter 19 -Gate and Pump
  • *HydroStruc: Chapter 20 - Hydraulic Structures
  • EcoPlan: Annex Ecological Plant


Targeted audiances

Our Urban Stormwater Management Software

1.0 iDesign 2018

It covers mainly for create design criteria which can used for any design of urbanstorm for coming chapters.

2.0 PreQuality

It covers topics of pollutant estimation such as water quality volume, load estimation and some BMPs. It includes three working MSMA examples in this topic.

3.0 myRoofDrainage

It covers topics of roof drainage system. It works from CAD drawing where user needs to import a roof CAD drawing into applicaiton. With predefine the layers for, roof catchment, roof gutter and downpipe. The application can works out requires gutter and downpipe sizes. It is useful for engineer who want to check any existing gutter size which may have predetermine by architect.

4.0 xStorm

It covers quantity topics as before. The main difference between the Storm+ is it is EXPRESS mode, xStorm run in full automation with a list of data entry. Automation of routing and check the final output. It comes with full report in EXCEL format.

5.0 Storm+

It covers quantity topics including chapter 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 and 7.0. It started from select rainfall station, then decide type of runoff by rational or time area method, then finally design the detention basin or OSD. It goes through step by step to build up the system. It is good for beginner to learn the process flow of detention basin.

6.0 RWH

It covers topic of Chapter 6. Rainwater harvesting. It provides tank sizing and pipe sizing in working examples

7.0 InfilSoft

It covers topic of Chapter 8 Infiltration facilities. Two types of examples are covered Infiltration trench and basin. Here it comes with fully 3D view where the 3D view can be saved into CAD drawing. If client's office has CAD program that support 3D, this can use it to present to client by carrying the dwg file drawing to client office. It gives a clear understanding of how the shape of infiltration by 3D. It also comes with fully EXCEL look alike output.

8.0 BioPond

It covers topics of Chapter 9 Bioretention system. A module of impermeable bioretention system is built. 3D view is available for better understanding of system. 3D function is similar to InfilSoft. The output is in EXCEL look alike.

9.0 GPTSoft

It covers topics of Chapter 10 Gross pollutant traps. It provides three modules here. Trash rack computation, SBTR design and OGI system. All comes with 3D. Output is EXCEL alike output.

10.0 QuaPond

It covers topics of Chapter 11 Water quality pond and wetlands. It provides two modules here. Water Quality Pond and Wetland design modules. All comes with 3D. Output is EXCEL alike output.

11.0 myESCP

One of our most anticipated software. It had compiled the content of Chapter 12 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia by Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia 2010. It has USLE and MUSLE modules. Plus all BMPs which descripte in MSMA Chapter 12. For the BMP, it needs to interact with CAD drawing. All design modules are available in myESCP. In comes with comprehensive report in EXCEL look alike.

12.0 Sediment Basin

It covers topic of Chapter 12 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan of sediment basin. It suitable for user who just need to design sediment basin. It comes with 3D and with report in EXCEL format.

13.0 PaveSoft

It covers chapter 13 pavement drainage design. Four modules included. Uniform gutter, Composite gutter, V shaped roadside gutter.

14.0 DrainsSwales

It covers chapter 14 Drains Swales. It is a networks design where it needs CAD drawing to work out.

15.0 PipeNet

It covers chapter 15 Pipe Drains. It is a networks design where it needs CAD drawing to work out.

16.0 EngChannel

It covers chapter 16 and 17 Engineered Channel and BioEngineered Channel. It most suitable to use it to prepare the main drain design in engineering works. The iteractive channel construction make user can build the shape that user need it. It covers minor drainage system in design.

17.0 aCulvert

It covers chapter 18 Culvert. It is replacement of monograph design by formulae where the monograph derived from.

18.0 iPump

It covers chapter 19 Pump. It is construciton of pump system. A design module is given here with follow the working example in MSMA.

19.0 HydroStruc

It covers chapter 20 Hydraulic Structures. It includes the energy dissipators with riprap basin, Stilling basin SAF and Stilling basin Type IV. A drop structure by spillway is given here. 3D visualization is available.

20.0 EcoPlant 2018

It covers ANNEX Ecological plant.


These modules can provide user an insight of clearview of how MSMA contents were being presented. User can has the logic behind the sceen where user can know how it works. Furthermore, it not like attending course; it can re-use further on user design, coursework or any studies.



Ultimate Package: Package A+B+C

The comprehensive software modules which cover most of your need in civil engineering works


  • ZeonEarth-Earthworks
  • Core MSMA Suite-Complete MSMA chapters
  • X-Series-water, sewerage, drainage and pond software

Package A: Earthworks with ESCP

Modules for Earthworks with Erosion and Sediment Control plan


  • ZeonEarth-Earthworks
  • myESCP-Erosion and Sediment Control plan

Package B: core MSMA suite

With years in development of water resource products that related to MSMA guideline. Now we are please to announce that we have a list of products that built relatedt to MSMA which we believe that these products can benefit user on MSMA guideline issue. 18 modules


  • iDesign-Design Criteria
  • PreQuality-Quality Design Fundamentals module
  • myRoofDrainage-Roof & Property Drainage
  • xStorm-Detention basin and on site detention(OSD)
  • Storm+-Step by step design detention basin.
  • RWH-Rainwater harvesting module
  • InfilSoft-Infiltration facilities
  • BioPond-Bioretention System
  • GPTSoft-Gross Pollutant Traps
  • QuaPond-Water Quality Pond and Wetlands
  • myESCP-Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • Sediment Basin-Sediment basin module
  • PaveSoft-Pavement Drainage
  • DrainsSwales-Drains Swales
  • EngChannel-Engineered Channel and BioEngineered Channel
  • aCulvert-Culvert module
  • iPump-Pump station module
  • HydroStruc-Hydraulic Structures
  • EcoPlant-Ecological Plant

Package C: X-Series Preview(Pre order)

Civil Engineering Software package for main infrastructures works


  • xDrain-Drainage networks analysis and design
  • xWater-Water reticulation analysis and design
  • xSewer-Sewerage networks analysis and design
  • xStorm-Pond and OSD design



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Special Pre-order price is available for our X SERIES

ZE_3D ZE_Layout ZE_Icon myESCP_Layout myESCP_Calculation myESCP_Icon

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to ZEON EARTH Software and myESCP Software.


Go for our core MSMA suite to get along with MSMA guideline. Learn MSMA 2nd edition by using computer software

Note: Offer valid on new licenses only. Buy out credit to be applied to your new ZEON EARTH Software and myESCP Software or our core MSMA Suite maintenance and support plan. Certain restrictions apply and cannot be combined with any other offer



Our team is always busy on R&D with products development. We hope our invention will greatly provide benefits to our civil engineers especially in our country. We are not limited our products development in desktop.

We also build mobile app in Android. One of our upcoming Android app is MSMA app. Do stay tune…

There will be never ending works in our company. No doubt the economy is slow, we are still committing our effort in development.

Now we have concentrated our team to our main office in Seremban. We don’t have any other development team other than our main Seremban office. Our people are knowledge base, they mainly in engineering background with technical knowhow.

Among us with regular discussion on knowledge, exchange ideal, seek for additional knowledge from some expertise. We will not build an application without understand the engineering concept. We spend time on research and development. For example myESCP takes around two years. ZeonEarth for period of two years.

We do welcome for any comments on engineers on our products development. We will do our best to serve our engineers the best. For the newsletter, we are planning to have it in regular basic, we hope to hear for all of you that support this newsletter. We need your feedbacks to improve the newsletter. Currently we are planning to have it in three-month interval.

From our newsletter, we can update our customers to what happening to us. What we are going to do? What will be the next? Even we will update industrial news!

Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues.