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Welcome to the May issue of NEWSLETTER.

Cheers, we have been moved into 11years of our business, this year is our first time to put up our newsletters which we believe it can deliver more info and knowledge about our products and service to our customers.

We noted the world is changing fast especially in world of internet. The invent of internet bring human being a lot of new things which can be improved our daily life style. In our development, we also try to catch up what is happened in the world, mainly in the engineering world.

This is our first newsletter, we are attended to two topics on civil engineering works. Erosion and Sediment Control and Earthworks.

With the invent of computer, engineers are moving from traditional way of doing works by manually into computer world. Computer has replaced many of human tasks such as repetitive works, tedious computing works, engineering drawings, complexity of engineering mathematic and many more. When engineering software introduced, it help engineers to reduce manpower in a way, it is cut down operation cost of a company. The use of computer software become a norm to a consulting firm.

In our Malaysia context, in these couple of years, there are a number of items being talking in engineering era. It involves from code of practices up to technology being used or to be introduced. Engineering codes such as MSMA and EURO code are among most hot topics being discussed. On the other side, technology such as BIM(Building Information Modeling) is also a topic being raised among engineers. We know that CIDB has been initiative in promoting the BIM technology. How will be adoption of these? Based on our own understanding, MSMA will be the most successful topic in Malaysia.

As a result, we also put more effort on the development of MSMA applications. We had developed application started from Urban Stormwater Design in year 2008, then progressed into Storm+, Drain+. Later we had Sediment Basin module and latest is xStorm-Detention basin with onsite detention basin. Which it one of our best selling product.



We cannot denied that the erosion and sediment control (ESCP) is getting important in our engineering works. It will slowly become a need in project development.

Based on our feedback, we noted that many consultant engineers in our country where they are not sure what about the ESCP, even the authorized person for ESCP must done by a certified professional engineer with additional required of CPESC. CPESC is represents Certified Professional Erosion & Sediment Control. Professional engineer need to take additional exam for CPESC. (http://www.doe.gov.my/eimasv2/course-on-certified-professional-in-erosion-and-sediment-control-cpesc/). Based on info given from the website of DOE, Currently, there are over 3000 professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control and Storm Water Quality who have been certified under the corporation from all over the world including (Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and Malaysia). As a result, these certified professional engineers in our country are not many. Without proper guidance from government, issue of ESCP cannot proper to be addressed to engineers.

Therefore, the implementation of ESCP makes engineers face a lot of problem. It may ranging from social, government and authorities. Even scope of works such as it falls into DOE and JPS. Where JPS had incorporated ESCP into one of chapter of MSMA guideline.

As we know that any project development will involve earthworks. During earthworks implementation, there will be disturb of earth where cause erosion and sedimentation by water due to rainfall. Therefore, the implementation of ESCP must come along with Earthworks, the earthworks is crucial in ESCP. It will decide what to do with ESCP. Some engineers consider that the Earthworks is ESCP. Actually, both are difference elements. Only difference that ESCP can be done after earthworks has been designed.

As a result, our R&D team has trigged a plan on ESCP software development. We spent around two years on this topic. We cumulative necessary information from MSMA guideline 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia by DID 2010. Besides, we also acquired some countries for ESCP requirements and implementation of ESCP. Countries like Australia, UK, US etc. Finally, we decided to implement our first edition of software on ESCP. Initially, we will integrate all important erosion and sediment control facilities into software. Mainly we extracted from MSMA. Based on our understanding of description in MSMA, we developed design modules for those facilities. During the development of product, we also seek for advice from civil engineers in Malaysia for their opinion. Any short coming content where is not mention in MSMA, we will integrate from other countries design concept and guideline.

Finally, we are pleased to announce to you that we have completed an edition of ESCP in May; which we called myESCP software. Currently we called it as prototype edition. It means that the software is ready. But it is in the progress of validation of product in term of accuracy, performance, error trapping issue.

This is our first edition of ESCP software where compliance to our MSMA guideline 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control In Malaysia by DID 2010. It comprised of BMP modules in MSMA which are necessary in design of BMPs/facilities. This software is to ease the complicity of implementation of ESCP in their design requirements. We have simplified the workflow to engineers. With the help of myESCP, now engineers can be more understand how BMPs work. How to design BMP modules like Check Dam, Diversion control, silt fence, sediment basin, and sediment trap etc.

All these modules have been integrated into myESCP. Even with internet connection, our Live map can show all rainfall stations which given in MSMA guideline. Besides, our reporting system also can ease engineers in report preparation. At the same time, our report generated in EXCEL file format to enable user to make necessary revision in the output of ESCP.

We are first in Malaysia which get ready with the software in ESCP. With feedback from our clients, it will move this product into more and more enrich contents. In a way, it is a long journey to go. Therefore, we have plan up a road map where we have a number of improvement which will be came along the time.

It will be going to born our 2nd edition or more. Stay tune…

LEARN MORE Currently those who interested to purchase our myESCP. We have a promotion of 50% of on our product price.


Earthworks is an essential task to be carried out in any development project. It may involves of importing material from other site to form necessary platform, road or exporting extra material from site after formation of platform, road etc. Importing material from other site is called fill volume and exporting material from project site is called cut volume. Importing suitable land and materials can be expensive because contractor needs to source the source of materials. Suitable materials may at far away from project site and increase the transportation cost. Disposing extra material can be expensive by searching for suitable location for dumping.

From the earthworks, engineers need to know the progress of earthworks, which mean that is the earthworks is done in one time. Or break into phases. Phase 1, phase 2, phase 3. If so, there will be ESCP for phase 1, 2 and 3. Difference phase, the ESCP will need to attend differently. Therefore, the ESCP has a close relation with Earthworks.

We must know that to do an earthwork design can be very simple but also can be very difficult. It depends on the final result need to presented to client. Traditionally, most of project development will use grid method or approximation method to compute cut and fill volume. Where the design needs to digest the survey data by his own imagination 3D. Where is the high and low ground? Where the water flow pattern? Where will be important infrastructure elements such as reservoir, detention basin, sewerage treatment plant etc. The design of earthworks formation levels is greatly influence the design of other infrastructure works such as road works, water reticulation, drainage and sewerage. Therefore, 3D is an important element in earthworks design.

In order to attend such problem, we had come out with an Earthworks software named ZeonEarth. it is a very handy software to make engineer can start to count the cut and fill volume in as short as 5minutes.

Our ZeonEarth software with main feature of simplicity. Simplicity makes a difference. The unique of it, it works directly in CAD drawing. Our input data all in CAD format, therefore, we had cut down operation time in our ZeonEarth software. It means that by follow certain criteria of preparing of CAD drawing. After it has been imported, it can direct run in our ZeonEarth without prepare data in ZeonEarth. And also, engineers can learn to use it as short as half an hour where engineers can have a quick started. We have a short learning curve on products.

Furthermore, now ZeonEarth software is fully in 3D; which it comes with 3D view. Where we know, image can tell thousands of information. Based on one of our case, we did a presentation of 3D terrain to a client project. Also the final proposed levels to client. The client was impressed by our 3D imaging. The other special about the product is the Extra feature in ZeonEarth, we have one flowmap feature where can provide engineer to know how water flow during raining time. It gives clue on BMP location decision. It is important and helpful feature to engineer in ESCP decision.

Our ZeonEarth is the one of among us of products that had been gone to the most internal testing on stability, performance, workability. We built many engineering projects. We test the model. We want to ensure the quality of product.

LEARN MORE You can view our sample models by this link: http://earthworkssoftware.info/EarthworksImages.html


By the way, in order to enlighten our country engineers in certain knowledge. We are collaborating with IEM and Applied Technology Sdn Bhd to held some events in our country mainly in IEM branches and KL.

Tentatively the topics are coming to present will be “Programming for Engineers” and “Earthworks with ESCP”.

Many more on events. Currently, we had postponed our May events to July. Main reason is due to “Puasa” or fasting month for our Malay engineers. Tentatively will be in July. There are few venues are planned in Johor, Penang, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.

Please stay tune on this.



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Our team is always busy on R&D with products development. We hope our invention will greatly provide benefits to our civil engineers especially in our country. We are not limited our products development in desktop.

We also build mobile app in Android. One of our upcoming Android app is MSMA app. Do stay tune…

There will be never ending works in our company. No doubt the economy is slow, we are still committing our effort in development.

Now we have concentrated our team to our main office in Seremban. We don’t have any other development team other than our main Seremban office. Our people are knowledge base, they mainly in engineering background with technical knowhow.

Among us with regular discussion on knowledge, exchange ideal, seek for additional knowledge from some expertise. We will not build an application without understand the engineering concept. We spend time on research and development. For example myESCP takes around two years. ZeonEarth for period of two years.

We do welcome for any comments on engineers on our products development. We will do our best to serve our engineers the best. For the newsletter, we are planning to have it in regular basic, we hope to hear for all of you that support this newsletter. We need your feedbacks to improve the newsletter. Currently we are planning to have it in three-month interval.

From our newsletter, we can update our customers to what happening to us. What we are going to do? What will be the next? Even we will update industrial news!

Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues.