Volume 2 / Issue 5


Welcome to the June issue of NEWSLETTER.

What we are?

With the years of our products in market, where we started with a small setup since 2006. We noted that only on product development will not sufficient to serve our clients in market. Therefore, since last year 2017, we are starting to move into another era where we starting to introduce others service such as courses, trainings, talks, collaboration with other companies such as G&P Water Marinetime Sdn Bhd, also we are moving into eduction in university level for instance Universiti Putra Malaysia. We also participte into Institut of Engineers Malaysia(IEM), Where we had done many works and efford behind the scene.

We believe with our efford on to these will be able to help our country to move toward advance country. The growth of our development product also make us move into a mature product development whereby now our products getting better and stable. Even they were built in state of art in IT. New features being introducted into our products such as 3D invention where now engineering software must accompany by 3D imaging. Built in EXCEL alike application also make our product to be more user friendly.

Another our most succesfull developmnet will be our core MSMA Suite is our only the company in country which had been fully completed one of our country guideline Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia-2nd edition(MSMA2).

Now, our efford had brought to us another new growth by our products range. It has able to serve our engineers in country with a comprehensive soluion either in Infra software or with Structural software. Combination of both had brought to us by what so called "C&S Software Solutions".

This why our company is named as "C&S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd". Cheers...


Infra Software Solutions

With years in product development, now we are able to provide one of most comprehensive software package that we called as "Premier Infra Package" or "Ultimate Infra Packege"

You may claimed that there are some other similiarity software in market. That fully TRUE. Somehow, if you are in Malaysia, you want to fully have software that compliance to our Malaysia environment. Then we are here to serve you better.
Most important we have a set of digital MSMA where other companies cannot be ready for it. That set is named as "Core MSMA Suite". A fully digital software for MSMA2 guideline.
Furthermore, our infra software like latest X Series that were built to fit our Malaysia context. Such as xDrain compliance to MSMA2, xWater compliance to SPAN, xSewer to MS1228. With our software, you no need to worry on requirement, we had compiled most of guidelines into software.

Also, now we are starting to suport open source software such as SWMM and EPANET. Where we can build the input file from CAD interface. It helps user save alot of time on preparing data into SWMM like MSMA compliance or EPANET like our local water authorities requirements.

All the new development will comes with 3D modeling which help you for more easy understand by conventionally text or 2D graphic. Also, our CAD interface make you more easy to do engineering works where even our CAD engine now is supported AutoCAD format 2018.

Besides, all the time, we also carried out many talks, workshops, trainings for engineers in country to help them more understand about our civil engineering field especially in urban stormwater management.
Furthermore, one this year 2018 onward, we have addon on-site training or course for any consulting firm that they need in house training. We will covered not only software training but with theory and concept for user on better understand.
This service has gained unexpected responds where there a number of training being piled up to process.

By the way, we also had broke few record on software development such as we are the 1st company which can provide MSMA2 in digital mode-software. Also our myESCP will be our 1st software in country which covered the erosion and sediment control plan for BMP.

And. We had more international companies collaborated such as Bricsys where they provide an alternative CAD that only the CAD company had BIM compliance. Others like Computer Control System from Greece for Bridge and Ingeciber,S.A. from Spain for FEM

As a result, our setup has became more and more solid with all those achievements.

We still have many things to go on. Stay tune…

Do remember NOW we have no GST imposed by government. It is the time to purchase our Infra Package. We have a promotion of on our product price.

NEW Partner: scia engineer

This is one of our new partner in Malaysia. We only provide a brief introduction on it. It is an OpenBIM software for analysis, code design and optimisation of structures.

We are recommended to new user to structure world. One of the reason is it is value fo money as compare to many other structure software in Malaysia market. Furthermore, it has feature of RC and Steel design.


ZE_3D ZE_Layout ZE_Icon myESCP_Layout myESCP_Calculation myESCP_Icon


>Now is the perfect time to make the switch into our new Infra Package. You can own 24 software just for RM39.5K only.

Note: Offer valid on new licenses only. Terms and conditions apply



Our team is always busy on R&D with products development. We hope our invention will greatly provide benefits to our civil engineers especially in our country. We are not limited our products development in desktop.

We also build mobile app in Android. One of our upcoming Android app is MSMA app. Do stay tune…

There will be never ending works in our company. No doubt the economy is slow, we are still committing our effort in development.

Now we have concentrated our team to our main office in Seremban. We don’t have any other development team other than our main Seremban office. Our people are knowledge base, they mainly in engineering background with technical knowhow.

Among us with regular discussion on knowledge, exchange ideal, seek for additional knowledge from some expertise. We will not build an application without understand the engineering concept. We spend time on research and development. For example myESCP takes around two years. ZeonEarth for period of two years.

We do welcome for any comments on engineers on our products development. We will do our best to serve our engineers the best. For the newsletter, we are planning to have it in regular basic, we hope to hear for all of you that support this newsletter. We need your feedbacks to improve the newsletter. Currently we are planning to have it in three-month interval.

From our newsletter, we can update our customers to what happening to us. What we are going to do? What will be the next? Even we will update industrial news!

Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues.