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Catchup Time Event at Center Region

Venue: Wisma Wawasan Level 1, 19,Jalan PJS 8/12, Bandar Sunway,46150 PJ, Selangor

Date: 28/7/18

Time: 9am - 1130am

Since year 2006 til today, we have not been hosted any purely own event. As for our customers feedbacks, it is important to carry out some event specially on our product showcase.
Through many years, we have developed a series of applications which now we have a brand new of applications in term of state of art. These applications have signification benefit user in many fields like user experience.
This event mainly to enlighten the market about the changes of technology in field of engineering where our growth is follow the direction of technology.

Collaboration among international companies also another path of our growth direction especially toward BIM technology

Please come over to joint this event to see now onward what do we have! What are we direction of move.

Remember: In order to thank you our customers in Malaysia, we will order a LIMITED EDTION of our signature application ZEONEARTH(3D Earthworks) to every attendee who turn up in our event.


  • Catchup Time
  • Introduction next generation software solutions
  • Product showcase: ZeonEarth-3D Earthworks(Signature Product)
  • Product showcase: core MSMA Suite-MSMA2 Digital Edition(1st in Malaysia for the comprehensive MSMA2 Guideline in Software)
  • Product showcase: Xseries- xDrain(Support world popular free open source-SWMM software)
  • Product showcase: Xseries- xWater(Support world popular free open source-EPANET software)
  • Product showcase: Xseries- xSewer(Compliance to SPAN and MS1228)
  • Product showcase: BricsCAD BIM(Only CAD software support BIM in world)
  • Q&A


Are you interested for this event? Please email to us csss_event@civilstructural.com.my to register. Kindly provide particulars as below:

  • Name:
  • Company:
  • Address:
  • H/P:
  • Company Tel:
  • Position:

Remember it is first come first serve basis. ONLY LIMITED to 30 pax.

Find out more: 06-6011983

Contents of event are subjected to change without prior notice. Correct information will be deliveried through email
Terms and conditions applied