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Essential of stormwater managment book

This is a book which covers many important aspect in stormwater managment that related to Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia on 1st, 2nd editions and part of Malaysian Standard MS2526

With years of experiences in stormwater management, the writer has conducted many courses in Malaysia inclusive many topics related to stormwater management. The collection of contents of courses have been increase tremendously through out years

As a result, early of this year 2018, writer starting compiling the contents of stormwater into a book. With the months of effort, eventually the shape of this book is shown.

Now with this book, reader can learn many aspect of stormwater just from this book. It gives reader insight about the stormwater management

Besides, if reader can further assisted by our stormwater management software such as core MSMA Suite(Digital MSMA) or xSeries. It will enlighten reader further with these tools

Contents of book:

This book will not covers in details on theories where reader can learn more in any text books regarding to water resources but will cover other aspect of stormwater such as practicality issue in design. Tips and tricks of design, concept of design etc.

The special about it is it comprises of number of information on stormwater which has been collected through out many years from many places in country. The collection has been tabulated into a book which enrich contents with many practical aspects. Enrich photos collection further enhance the contents of book.
Some interesting topic such as adoption of stormwater manegement concept has some difference adoption of the requirements in difference areas in country. For example, the northern of penisular Malaysia like Penang will longer accepted the usage of drain to act as OSD.
Whereby, similar concept is acceptable in center region of Penisular Malaysia. Anyway, it still subjected to local authorities. Such as interesting collection to be discussed in this book.
How does a pond looks alike during construction, after construction even many years later?
Is the pond is constructed correctly to engineering practices?
What is the common mistakes in pond design?


  • Stormwater Parameters. Such as tc, catchment, storm duration, runoff coefficient to be explained. The adoption of parameters in desing
  • Runoff methods. Rational method and time area method
  • Detention storage. Like OSD and Pond
  • Pitfall of detention design
  • Tips and tricks on stormwater design
  • Series and parallel design of multiple ponds
  • Drainage design
  • Channel design like culvert
  • Hot topic on Eco-lifestyle

Who's it for?

It mainly written for consulting engineers in design aspect.

  • Consulting engineers
  • Educational like lecturers, researchers
  • Local council
  • Authorities
  • Water resource people
  • Property developer which intend to know more on water resource topic.

Estimated retail price RM300.00

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