• "Best Selling xStorm view"
  • "Main xStorm view" Simplicity in UI
  • "xStorm output" Enrich graphs presentation
  • "xStorm report with EXCEL looks and feels"
  • "xStorm OSD 3D view"
  • "Live map on rainfall station selection"


xStorm is our best selling product which had been exist in our first commercial product in year 2016. Due to it popularity, it has been gone through many generation. Now it has comes to a point of simplicity especially in operating the pond design. For earlier day without computer, it is a tedious work but not difficult. A lot of iteration need to carry out. Therefore, it is a time-consuming works. Anyway, there are some detention pond software in market, but the special about our pond software is the simplicity. We had invented it into a state that user just need go to a "page" of data entries where everything is done over there. We donít have any steps on model and design it. Not like other software, step 1 get rainfall, step 2 get inflow, step 3 setup pond, step 4 routing etc. Our xStorm just do it in a page, all those steps have been automated by itself. User no need to worry from steps to steps. As result, we also called it as "One click application". All run can do it by a click of button. All iteration, important result, graphs will be presented accordingly. User just need to evaluate the result, change the data, rerun if required. Furthermore, our new reporting system will also help user on report presentation.

xStorm is our 5th edition of Urban Stormwater Design Software. It comprises of MSMA2-urban stormwater management manual for malaysia 2010 guideline; which covers detention basin and OSD design. Now even cover SUStoM -Sarawak edtion

Anyone who knows about MSMA will know about the complexity of hydrology and hydraulic design in MSMA. With our invention, we have been simplify the complexity of design process.

Now, xStorm is very suitable for beginner who didn't know much on MSMA2 guideline. User will not miss all important aspects of MSMA2 elements. User just need to understand the defination of stormwater like catchment, time of concentration, runoff coefficient to get xStorm run.

Based on our technical know how on stormwater, we had been assist a number of engineers even some reputable property developers to resolve a number of projects up to size as larger as 1400acres. xStorm is one of our BEST choice to resolve the issue of stormwater of the projects.

Our design experience in pond has been integrated into our xStorm to make it more and more practical.


  • One click application. It can obtain result by ONLY a click.
  • No navigation on input. Just fill up a page of data.
  • Excel looks and feels output
  • 3D graphic
  • Import CAD to measure detention pond size.
  • Methodology of detention basin either Rational Method or Time Area Method
  • Methodology of OSD either Simplify Swinburne Method(MSMA2 guideline) or OSD1(Swinburne Method)
  • Live map on rainfall station selection
  • Enrich output in graphs which provide user more information
  • SUStoM guideline

Do you know that our xStorm 6.0 is coming soon...Stay tune.

Sneak Preview Storm 6.0

  • Multiple ponds routing.