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Sediment Basin Design

Uncontrolled land disturbance, deforestation and construction activities, exposed to rainfall and runoff, cause excessive erosion and sedimentation particularly in tropical environment including Malaysia. The effect has been in obvious water quality deterioration of a number of watercourses and receiving waters due to severe siltation. Therefore, comprehensive control is required to regulate and manage the processes and to mitigate the impacts of erosion and sedimentation.

One of the erosion and sedimentation facilities is sediment basin element

It comprises of Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control In Malaysia 2010


  • Simplicity in input
  • One click application. It can obtain result by ONLY a click.
  • No navigation on input. Just fill up a page of data.
  • Excel looks and feels output
  • 3D graphic
  • Live map on rainfall station selection