IntelliDrain-Another application built to MSMA2

Introduction IntelliDrain(A Value Engineering Product)

IntelliDrain (IDRN) is a special application that uses to design stormwater storage facility in look-alike channel section with control flow. It is a control at source system. It comprises of components of onsite detention basin(OSD) or detention basin. A detention system where conventionally the location of channel has converted into a detention system. Here it is no longer concentration the control at a point. The application of this system can offset the cost of detention system with channel. Both of them have become one element instead of two elements. In a way, saving in land development. The location of system has make local municipal has the advantage of maintenance of system. Therefore, municipality has better control on preserving it as a stormwater storage facility. Anyway, it still subjected to municipal approval. Furthermore, the ground surface of system is a two in one system by providing engineering overflow system plus a pedestrian walkway. The pedestrian walkway can enhance the aesthetic view of development. In a way, improve the commercial value of development. Location of outlet structure must come with a maintenance manhole where allow people to access into system to clear debris that may clogged in the outlet structures. At the same time, this manhole act as overflow system for engineering. The system can be designed as onsite detention(OSD) system or detention basin. Whenever it is in OSD system, the storage system will use 10 years ARI with secondary outlet at surface for overflow purpose. Where else, the detention system, the system will cover the major ARI system by adding the secondary outlet inside the conceal storage system. Anyway, another secondary outlet at ground surface of system still applied. This system is a hybrid system where comprises of both OSD and detention basin features.
The ability of system can benefit user in few ways. Such as user can input multiple inflow hydrographs. The system can auto cumulative the inflows into a global inflow where it is used by system for routing. Another benefit is availability of multiple catchments. It can auto be converted into corresponding inflow hydrograph where they are part of multiple inflow system. Besides, it can perform the multiple storm duration to find the maximum storage that arise in one of the storm duration. It has saved substantial time of run design in multiple storm duration. The multiple outlet structures allow user to check the performance of outflow which make user can obtain the best economy system.
One of the unique feature in IntelliDrain is the newly introduced 3D view. The 3D tells thousand of message. It gives user a better understand on system. Even in physical shape. The performance of system is presented in 3D. The 3D view is CAD dwg format where user can save it and open in any CAD software that supported 3D like full AutoCAD version or BricsCAD Pro. This output can ease user problem in carry the software in notebook to show the 3D to any people. Another special about it is now it is comes with 3D amination where user can see and feel the performance of system. User can clear understand the behavior of system by time factor. It shown how water is filled up in system. The rising of water level and receding of water level in system. Where else, it added another advantage of it can simulate the flooding behavior in the event of overflow happened.
Beside 3D, the new output. It comes with enrich of charts in every breakdown of data. For instance the time step of every routing is shown. Inflow hydrographs, Cumulative inflow hydrograph, Stage storage curve, difference storm duration and many more being presented in IntelliDrain.
By understand how it works, engineer can propose this system to developer. Even in the view of to obtain the approval from local councils. The understanding of concept is important to illustrate to any people. The adoption of system is follow strictly the Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia(MSMA) in both editions. It also cover the SUStoM guideline of Sarawak. It is MSMA compliance.

Our top down input method has further simplified the input data. It has made to another level of user friendlyness of system in operation.

This is our first VALUE ENGINEERING product which it is built on top of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia(MSMA).

Full documents support

This is our first time comes with fully document support where it comprises of tutorial, comparison among result of IntelliDrain with OSD MSMA1 and OSD MSMA2.
Theory and concept being introduced in the IntelliDrain. The workflow of design of IntelliDrain. How is works?

General Features

  • One click application.
  • A value engineering product development from MSMA2 and MSMA1
  • Comprehensive report.
  • Own “EXCEL” output mode.
  • 3D view
  • 3D Water profile simulation
  • 3D Flood level simulation
  • Multilple catchments for Pre and Post development
  • Multiple infows for Pre and Post development
  • Multiple duration
  • Guideline covers MSMA2 and SUStoM
  • Pool routing
  • Muskingum routing
  • Auto maximum storage