• "Drain networks"
  • "MSMA2000 and MSMA2011 IDF data"
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Drain Networks Analysis and Design

Drain networks analysis and design is an application that performs iteration on Drainage network. It will calculate all invert levels, drain gradients, sizes and etc. User has to input the network system with catchments area, allow cascading, ground levels, length of sections and coefficient of runoff. The application to will perform the remaining iteration computation.

It can setup some user preference based on fix gradients, fix sump invert levels and control the minimum depth of selected node, difference node in juction and depth, difference drain material and a lot more.

It includes with MSMA2000 and MSMA2011 IDF data.


  • Section builder
  • Integration checking.
  • 3D drainage system
  • Enhance clash system checking. Automatic adjustment between Sewer Network Analysis and Design
  • Run without CAD application
  • Customization user's drain/nodes data
  • Alert depth warning
  • Multiple drain pipe and node data in design
  • Multiple output format. (PDF, HTML, MHT, Text, CSV, XLS, XLSX, RFT, Image)
  • MSMA2000 and MSMA2011 IDF data