• "Water reticulation networks"
  • "Aquator with aqua motion"
  • "Aquator 3D view with aqua motion"
  • "Malaysia Local Authorities water demand guide"

Water Recticulation Design

Aquator(AQ) is a water supply network application that use the Hardy Cross method or juction method. It works in either in loop system, branches system or both systems.

The input data include pipe, node, residual level, inflow and hydrant of water system. Currently the system is analyzed by Hazen Williams's equation.

It uses Malaysia Local Authorities water demand guideline-Uniform Technical Guideline.


  • Aqua motion - flow animation
  • Informative Aqua Motion in graphical view
  • Integration of loop and branch system
  • Malaysia Local Authorities water demand guide-with latest Uniform Technical Guideline
  • 3D water system
  • Multiple design cases
  • Fittings detailings
  • Working units are SI or imperial unit
  • Minor losses calculation
  • Pump addon
  • Water demand table and computation
  • Ready report in calculation format. It can be in direct print, excel format, pdf, etc.
  • Enhance clash system checking. Automatic adjustment between Drain and Sewer Networks Analysis and Design with Aquator.